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4 Brands to Follow this Summer on Twitter

Today marks the summer solstice, meaning it’s officially the start of the summer season! It’s also the longest day of the year, giving you more daylight to splash around in the pool or even catch up on the latest season of Game of Thrones (winter is not coming, yet). Whatever your plans are for the next three to four months, these brands on Twitter are sure to get you in the summer mood.

7 Signs You Should Intern with Social Media Delivered

 If you’re already posting constantly on social media like we are, why not get something out of it? Here at Social Media Delivered we are always looking for new interns who want to learn the “social media ropes”.

Top 10 Reasons Businesses Should Embrace Facebook Live

Facebook Live streaming video is a social media platform that came out on January 28th, and then spread like wildfire. We know you have seen it all over your feed, and you have probably participated or watched a live video or so. Though the platform is new — and those notifications can be a tad annoying — your business should give Facebook Live another look.