How To Capitalize Your Blog: Lessons From The Fashion Front

By: Jacqueline Ross @JackieeeR In the fashion world, bloggers have become an important part of the industry. In the blogging world, fashion fanatics have become some of the smartest bloggers out there. Blogs are one of the hottest and still fastest growing communication outlets on the internet. They’ve replaced newspaper opinion columns and made “nobodies” into household names. Many may feel that the time commitment required to keep up regular blogging is a waste, but with some smart moves you can capitalize your blog following and turn your blog into cash.

First, how do you stand out in the blog-o-sphere? In the fashion industry, bloggers critique, promote and/or praise fashion. What is important to realize is they are sitting on the front row of fashion shows and have the hottest news for the industry. They may not be seated next to Anna Wintour, but they are 5 seats down! This makes them an invaluable resource for others who are passionate about the fabulous world of fashion.

After searching and surfing fashion blogs and research by Style 99, I've collected the list below of 10 of the top fashion blogs. Each have a great reputation and are excellent examples of blogging done right.

  1. Satorialist
  2. Hypebeast
  3. Fashionista
  4. Garance Dore
  5. Stylelist
  6. Cupcakes and Cashmere
  7. Fashion Gone Rogue
  8. Refinery29
  9. Highsnobiety
  10. From Me To You

These 10 range in style, following and specialty but they all have one thing in common: the creators personal passion for fashion and social media. The Satorialist was started by fashion photographer Scott Schuman who created his blog because he wanted to create “a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.” Blogs like Hypebeast, Fashionist, Stylelist, Refinery29 and Highsnobiety started off as simple blogs, and because of consistent updates and social media use like Twitter and Facebook, bloggers were able to expand and capitalize their love of fashion.

Do you have a passion for fashion, an archive of recipes or an entertaining opinion on a specific topic? Is your company a leader in the field or employing a crew of subject matter experts? Start a blog! Just like Cupcakes and Cashmere’s creator, Emily Schuman, who wanted a way to document her inspiration, you can document your inspiration too. And with social media you can put extra dollars in your pocket just writing about what you love. The basic equation is simple:

great content + social media = readers


readers = opportunities to capitalize


How do you capitalize your blog?

  1. Be Consistent- You cannot have faithful readers if you do not update! Give the people what they want, consistent content. Set a goal for the number of blogs you post a week. Setup a day you can devote to writing if you are a busy professional. It will be worth it, after all we need the latest update on fall fashion!
  2. Create Videos- Who is behind the screen? Show your readers who you are. Your video does not have to be long, something short and sweet. Show us how you pick out an outfit or an interview with a local fashionista.
  3. Host Events- Wheather it’s an Oscar blogging event or a fashion show you plan, host! Invite readers, clients, friends and everyone you know.
  4. Use Social Media- Social Media is simple and fast. You can connect with millions of people with a few words and a click. Post your blog updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Link back to your blog, talk to your readers and post photos of what you are doing on Instagram. Spread the word so more passoinate readers can find your blog.
  5. Host Ads- Now that you have readers, why not sell adspace on your blog? You have something to say, people like it, brands want to be associated with you. Capitalize!
  6. Sell Something- Turn your blog into a book, offer consulting or sell your dream clothing line on your blog. Once your reputation is established, you can expand beyond the basics.

Do you have questions about your new blog, need help with social media or want more tips on how to capitalize your blog? Contact Social Media Delivered with questions and we can give you expert advice.

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