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Social Media Delivered is proud to offer a variety of Social Media speakers available for bookings worldwide. These speakers offer many different perspectives and can present in person, in a webinar format, and on radio or television. Contact us and tell us about your needs (including event date, topic needs, length of speech, location and budget) and we’ll find a social media speaker that is right for you.

Eve Mayer - CEO of Social Media Delivered

Eve Mayer
CEO of Social Media Delivered
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Ranked by Forbes as the Fifth Most Influential Woman in Social Media, Eve Mayer is the CEO of Social Media Delivered, one of the most respected social media companies worldwide serving clients with consulting, training and outsourced social media. Eve has spoken in over 30 U.S. cities, as well as in Ireland, France, the UK and Iceland at universities, companies and conference groups, including Cisco, Vistage, Microsoft, Purdue, and Manchester Metropolitan University. Eve is the author of Social Media for the CEO and The Social Media Business Equation. Her groundbreaking work in social media has been featured on American Express Open Forum,, Forbes, Social Media Today, Mashable, Huffington Post, and many others. Recognized by Webbiquity as one of the Top 50 Women on Twitter and by CNN as one of the 8 Women on Twitter Who Will Inspire, Inform and Amuse You, she shares her social media knowledge with a network of over 100,000 fans and followers. She has also been ranked number 7 on the most powerful women social media influencers and ranked 14th on the overall social media power influencer list according to Forbes. Eve is known as @LinkedinQueen because of her knowledge of leveraging Linkedin for B2B sales and recruiting, and Klout even ranks her as the 2nd Most Influential Person on the subject of LinkedIn, behind only LinkedIn itself. Eve has been nominated for numerous Women Owned Business Awards in the past few years in recognition of her achievements.

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Author of Social Media for the CEO and the recently published second edition, The Social Media Business Equation, Eve speaks to groups large and small via TV, radio, teleconference, webinar or in person on a variety of social media subjects including:

  • What is Social Media and Why Should I Care?
  • Building a B2B Strategy on LinkedIn
  • How to use Twitter to grow B2C business
  • The Social Media Equation, her proven methodology for successful social media content


Top 10 Reasons to Book Eve Mayer

  1. Forbes ranked Eve as the 5th Most Influential Woman in Social Media
  2. Spoken in over 30 cities in the US and has also spoken in Ireland, France, UK and Iceland to Universities, companies and conference groups
  3. Klout shows that Eve is the 2nd Most Influential Person on the subject of LinkedIn (Linkedin itself is number 1)
  4. Her social media network reaches over 100,000 fans and followers
  5. Eve is the Author of Social Media for the CEO and The Social Media Business Equation
  6. Known as @LinkedinQueen because of her knowledge of leveraging Linkedin for B2B Sales and Recruiting
  7. Eve is the CEO and Owner of Social Media Delivered, one of the most respected companies focused solely on social media serving clients worldwide
  8. Recognized by Webbiquity as one of the top 50 Women on Twitter
  9. Nominated in 2010 and 2011 for Women Owned Business Awards
  10. Eve’s work on social media has been featured on American Express Open,, Forbes, Social Media Today and Mashable

Past Speaking Engagements Include:

  • Vistage
  • VOCALIA Centre de la VOIX et du GESTE, Paris, France
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England
  • Harvard Business School, Houston, TX
  • Rotary International
  • La Cima Professional Women’s Network, Irving, TX


Boyer Taylor of Harvard Business Club Recommends Eve’s Speaking:

“At my request Eve made a presentation regarding social media at the Houston Harvard Business School Breakfast Forum. First of all Eve was a very adept presenter and after a discussion of our group’s inclinations she decided to not load up her PowerPoint presentation and instead conducted a discussion of social media with our group that was more engaging than any alternate format that could have been used – very impressive!

Beyond her style and ability to engage the group was the focus of her comments which were well received by this audience of very business oriented men and women most of which are not active social media users. She had us at the beginning when she said essentially – forget the technology – this is about determining and achieving business objective and return on investment though communicating and relationship building. That is absolutely the right perspective for the use of social media in business and she did a great job of illustrating not only from business cases from her book but also showing how these skills could be used to benefit the businesses volunteered from the audience.

Eve clearly understands social media in the business environment inside out and spent a good bit of time after the presentation answering individual questions from our usually healthily skeptical members. I think Eve and her company are an excellent resource for this type of endeavor.”

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