Event Social Media Services

Event Social Media Services for Events

Live Event Social Media Communication Services will make your next event a huge social media success. Take advantage of the immediate news capabilities of social media with a live team on-site during your next conference, opening, or PR event.

Click on the tabs below to see our various Live Events services.

Events Basic

For a three-person crew broadcasting live via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare or Instagram at your next event, here is what we do:

  • Provide SMD-owned laptops, tripods and cameras
  • Live upload of videos to your YouTube channel with keyword selection and tagging
  • Create and distribute Twitter hashtag campaign; moderate discussion
  • Post live, real-time Facebook posts; interact and moderate discussion
  • Coordinate in advance with your PR and advertising efforts to cross-promote via two platforms
  • Encourage attendees to post live via their social networks to broaden participation and increase exposure
  • Interview participants and obtain testimonials on video; distribute them across social platforms

Events Advanced

Advanced Live Events Communications is for you if you who want live coverage provided by our team up to three times per month on-site using our equipment. Advanced includes coverage via up to four social media platforms. Here is what we do:

  • Conduct weekly half-hour call to identify the hottest upcoming events requiring coverage
  • Research hosts and attendees of upcoming events to identify pre-event outreach
  • Work with your PR and/or advertising partners to create maximum buzz at your events
  • Provide SMD-owned laptops, tripods and cameras needed for SMD services
  • At specific events, have iPad on-site to encourage attendees to participate online immediately (register, post photo or comment, etc.)
  • Live tweet and Facebook post on location to drive traffic to your website before, during and after event
  • Capture, edit and upload at least one video per event for your YouTube channel with keyword selection and tagging
  • Provide event impressions report to track interactions and engagement

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