How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile: Tips from the Queen

How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile: Tips from the Queen

Mar 25, 2016 | Eve Mayer, LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Media for the CEO, Social Networking
By Eve Mayer and Bryan Bennett | @LinkedInQueen   Today I’m writing with our founder and fearless leader, Eve Mayer, also known as @LinkedInQueen. To explain our relationship: She provides the LinkedIn profile knowledge and I provide the witty rejoinders. We will be looking at the individual profile for Paul Allen, Founder and CEO of Embark, a Dallas-based management consulting and accounting firm. Paul starts off right: with a good picture. If you showed up to meet Paul for lunch somewhere, you’d know exactly who he is. The first time I heard Eve speak, she said the picture should be within six months and/or six pounds, as well as be representative of who you are and how you dress. And for goodness sake – make it professional. If you are using a picture taken on Bourbon Street that just barely crops your friends out, that’s who prospective clients see.     Paul also filled out all the relevant information. You would be surprised how many a LinkedIn profile we come across that doesn’t even have a heading! Again, this is how people will see you. Is that the message you want to send – that you can’t be bothered to complete things? We prefer third-person writing for the LinkedIn summary. There are a number of reasons for this. SEO is one, but most people also find it easier to brag in the third person. LinkedIn gives you 2,000 characters for your summary. That is between 250-300 words. Don’t overwrite, but also feel free to use the space. Paul uses just over 1,000 characters for about 170 words.     Paul...
Top 10 LinkedIn Company Pages to Emulate

Top 10 LinkedIn Company Pages to Emulate

Mar 8, 2016 | B2B, B2C, Blog, business, LinkedIn, marketing, Social Media, Social Media News
By Bryan Bennett   First off, let’s be clear: There is no way to actually rank all 3 million plus LinkedIn company pages. But here, in no particular order, are 10 that you can’t go wrong mimicking.   1. Porter Novelli   What they do right: This global PR firm has the advantage of a professional staff, but they have more than slick presentation. They intersperse mundane hiring and promotion information with updates on issues of the day, added to a regular series of discussions that keep you coming back for more week after week. How you can mimic them: You may not have the deep bench of artist and writers, but you can always link to interesting industry stories and have your experts comment on them. It shows potential clients that you keep abreast of trends and recruit knowledgeable staff.   2. Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP   Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP Think “shareholder rights plan” is when you’re entitled to half your friend’s ice cream? Find the real definition from our Terms of the Deal page:     What they do right: Founded in 1885, this law firm didn’t get stuck in the past. Just this post alone makes it clear they realize you need to have a little fun with what you’re doing. How you can mimic them: More puppies and ice cream! If a firm that bears the name of our 27th President’s sons can have a sense of humor, so can you. Try it.   3. Harvard Business Review   What they do right: An outlier in the group, the Harvard Business Review pulls exclusively...
LinkedIn Is Going to the Grammys

LinkedIn Is Going to the Grammys

Feb 26, 2016 | B2B, B2C, Blog, business, LinkedIn, marketing, Social Media
by Bryan Bennett No word if they are bringing their mom as a plus one, but – 14-year-old LinkedIn is going to the Grammys! Rest assured, you won’t see them interviewed on the red carpet. And there probably won’t be people gasping about their gown. The nearly $2 million they will drop on a 30-second spot is designed to help show their relevance in a social media setting, where 14 years makes them a rare, surviving contemporary of long-faded MySpace pages.     LinkedIn makes note of the fact that nearly 3 million user profiles possess the required skills to become America’s next generation of astronauts. The clearly aspirational tone of the astronaut job spot overlays CEO’s Jeff Weiner memory of a childhood dream on top of California Stars, a 1999 collaboration between Billy Bragg and Wilco.     BBDO San Francisco and LinkedIn’s in-house creative department took care to target both job seekers as well as the corporate dollars that feed the beast. They highlight the ability to actually comb individual profiles for matches, even with the varied qualities needed for space travel, for business and recruiter. For individuals, they remind you that maybe, just maybe, that hope of doing what you always wanted to do is still real. Even if you feel stuck. You can watch it here. All and all, it is a pretty good maiden voyage for them. It has the added bonus of reminding me to link in my high school chemistry teacher whose college advisor was on the Manhattan Project. You never know, I could be two steps away from a NASA career,...

LinkedIn Ninjas, Gurus and Rock Stars, Oh My!

Feb 17, 2016 | B2B, B2C, Blog, business, Content Marketing, How to, LinkedIn, Social Media
by Bryan Bennett   Does your LinkedIn profile say you’re a Ninja? Well, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not. I guess I could be wrong, maybe you are a Ninja. Do you dress like this guy for work? If you do, maybe the problem with your job search isn’t your LinkedIn profile – but the fact that you are looking for work on LinkedIn and not at Soldier of Fortune. Meanwhile, back in the real world, descriptions like Ninja, Rock Star and Guru have crept into profiles and somehow left the rest of us feeling a little sorry for these self-described holders of mythical titles. If you are married to your title, be prepared to support the claim. A recent article on the topic included this gem, “It’s one of the things about startup culture that I dislike the most,” said Aron Solomon, a senior advisor at MaRS’ EdTech department in Toronto. “I love startups and love working with them, but these names have to stop. It’s just getting more and more bizarre.” The Job You Want So, how do you market yourself online without being set up for mockery by the people you are trying to impress? Once upon a time, the adage was to dress for the job you want – not the job you have. The same holds true online. Look at your boss’s profile. You may want to switch your setting to anonymous first though – and then find the people who once held your job and got promoted to the job you want. How do they describe their talents? How did...

LinkedIn Hacks For Newbies

Jan 20, 2016 | B2C, Blog, business, How to, LinkedIn, Social Media
By Scarlett McCain | @scarlettmccain LinkedIn is weird. Like any social media platform, it’s about connecting with other people. But this is the business casual version of Facebook, meant to foster useful contacts in the business world. Many students drag their feet at making a profile, and even more rarely like to actually use it as a social platform. Here are ways I’ve found to make the LinkedIn experience as pain-free as possible — even fun. Fill Out the Profile. Seriously. Just follow the prompts. LinkedIn will ask if you want to improve your profile — volunteer experience? Do you have a certification? Are you skilled at things aside from your wicked procrastination skills? If you already have a current resume, have it on hand. The bulk of your profile can be filled out using that information. If you don’t have a resume, now is a great time to consider doing that. LinkedIn will give you a rating to let you know how far along you are on your journey to a complete profile. Right now I am sitting at “All-Star”, just a sliver away from 100% completion. *(Bonus: LinkedIn can also point out some shortfalls. My volunteer experience still remains alarmingly blank.) No Blind-Friending Allowed. (Usually) On Facebook we balk when someone with zero mutual friends sends us a request out of nowhere. It is no different here. Between friends, it might be forgivable: I agreed to import my contacts en masse rather than manually search for people one by one. But a personal message can tip the scales if you want to connect with that great guest...
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