LinkedIn Hacks For Newbies

Jan 20, 2016 | B2C, Blog, business, How to, LinkedIn, Social Media
By Scarlett McCain | @scarlettmccain LinkedIn is weird. Like any social media platform, it’s about connecting with other people. But this is the business casual version of Facebook, meant to foster useful contacts in the business world. Many students drag their feet at making a profile, and even more rarely like to actually use it as a social platform. Here are ways I’ve found to make the LinkedIn experience as pain-free as possible — even fun. Fill Out the Profile. Seriously. Just follow the prompts. LinkedIn will ask if you want to improve your profile — volunteer experience? Do you have a certification? Are you skilled at things aside from your wicked procrastination skills? If you already have a current resume, have it on hand. The bulk of your profile can be filled out using that information. If you don’t have a resume, now is a great time to consider doing that. LinkedIn will give you a rating to let you know how far along you are on your journey to a complete profile. Right now I am sitting at “All-Star”, just a sliver away from 100% completion. *(Bonus: LinkedIn can also point out some shortfalls. My volunteer experience still remains alarmingly blank.) No Blind-Friending Allowed. (Usually) On Facebook we balk when someone with zero mutual friends sends us a request out of nowhere. It is no different here. Between friends, it might be forgivable: I agreed to import my contacts en masse rather than manually search for people one by one. But a personal message can tip the scales if you want to connect with that great guest...

Six Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Jan 11, 2016 | B2C, Blog, business, LinkedIn, marketing, Social Media
Social media marketing is important for any small business. However, there is one site that goes above and beyond for business professionals. LinkedIn is a way for professionals to connect and, if you are looking, find jobs. You must make sure that your profile is filled out correctly to get the full potential out of LinkedIn. Here are some tips to improve your LinkedIn profile. Use a professional picture. You want to make sure that you have a proper and professional picture on your LinkedIn profile at all times. Use an eye catching heading. Really describe what you do with keywords and descriptive words that people are going to be searching for. Think about keywords and search engines so your profile will be found by plenty of people. Fill out the whole profile. Don’t leave any of the sections blank because that will look unprofessional. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you by entering all of your methods of contact, including your email. Most people seem to prefer to email you, so do not forget to include that. Also, if you want to be available by other methods, be sure to include them. Utilize the skills section. You can put several skills in one line together as a way to group them. This will make it easier when people endorse you. Don’t forget about any certifications that you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. There is a standard form to ask for recommendations. If you have time, add a little note to it. It is important to make sure that you take...

Four Tips to Use LinkedIn For Your Business

Dec 21, 2015 | B2B, B2C, Blog, LinkedIn, marketing, Social Media
Many people use social media marketing personally, professionally, and for their business. LinkedIn is one of those sites, though most people do not realize that it can be used for their business. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn for your business. Create a company page on LinkedIn. You are going to want to include your logo and a good description of your company. Think of this as one page full of information about your business. You also need to include all of the ways to get in touch with you including your website, blog, social media sites, email, and any other way that you want to be contacted. Connect your company page to your profile and have your employees do the same. This will help to drive potential clients to your company page (and hopefully) your website. Target your ideal audience using LinkedIn ads to get your company page noticed. With LinkedIn ads, you can make sure that they get seen by your ideal clients. You should also monitor how you are doing with your ads in case you need to change anything. Engage with your audience by creating good content. Once you have an audience, be sure to give them good content. You can post several times a month so make sure that you are giving them content that will enrich their lives. Use photos and videos that will intrigue them and make them come back for more. LinkedIn is great for businesses. You can create a company page full of information, including your contact information. Be sure to link it to your professional page to connect...
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